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December 12, 2019

11th September 2001

The Position of Ummahprise is the Position of the Scholars of Islam. Please read the information below.

"At Ummahprise, we take the position of the leading scholars of the Ummah in all matters. This sticking-with-the-scholars assures that we are right in business and in belief" (Shareef bin Alfred, CEO of Ummahprise).

Scholars' Statements Regarding The Attacks In The United States
Shaykh Abdul-Aziz Aali-Shaykh, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and President of the Committee of Senior Scholars
Shaykh Saleh Al-Lehaydaan, Chief Justice Of The Saudi Arabian Judiciary
Shaykh Dr. Saaleh Ibn Ghaanem As-Sadlaan, Pres. Higher Studies Dept. Al-Imaam Muhammd Ibn Saud Islamic University

The following statement is that of the Mufti Of Saudi Arabia - The highest religious authority in the country.

All praise is due to the Lord of the Worlds, the successful end is for the pious, and prayers and peace be upon the noblest of Prophets and Messengers, and upon his family, and his companions.

To proceed:

Due to abundant questions and enquiries that have been brought to us concerning what has happened in the United States of America a few days ago, and concerning the Sharee'ah position towards it, and wehther the religion of Islaam affirms the likes of these actions or not, I say, seeking aid and assistance from Allaah, the Unique, the Overpowerer, that Allaah, free is He from all imperfection, has bestowed upon us the favour of this Islamic religion and has made it a complete legislation, a perfect and all-inclusive one which is beneficial for all times, and places and all situations, for all individuals and groups of individuals. It invites towards rectification and uprightness and justice and goodness, and also the removal of Shirk (paganism, associationism, ascribing false partners with Allaah), and evil, oppression, injustice and deceit.

And it is from the greatest of favors of Allaah upon us, we the Muslims, that He has guided us to this religion, and has made us its followers and helpers. Hence, a Muslim is cultivated by the legislation of Allaah, a follower of the Sunnah (the way) of the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam), and one who remains upright and steadfast upon this religion - he is the one who will be the saved Muslim in this life and the Hereafter.

As for what has happened in the United States of America of very dangerous occurrences, on account of which thousands of souls have passed away, on account of actions that the Islamic Sharee'ah (legislation) does not sanction, and which are not from this religion, and these actions do not agree with the spirit and foundations of the legislation from numerous angles:

The first: Verily, Allaah, free is He from all imperfections, has commanded justice, and is based upon justice that the Heavens and the Earth stand (i.e. operate, exist), and it is on account of this justice that the Messengers were sent and the Books were revealed. Allaah the free from all imperfections, said, "Verily, Allaah commands with justice and benevolence, and the giving of near relatives (in charity) and He forbids from obscene and evil deeds, and oppression. He cautions you, that perchance you may remember." And He also says, "We have indeed sent Messengers with clear proofs and we have revealed with them, the Book and the Balance, so that the people may abide by justice". And Allaah has judged and decreed that one soul cannot bear the burden of another soul, this due to the perfection of Allaah's justice, free is he from imperfection. He said, "And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another".

Indeed, Allaah, free is He from all imperfections has forbidden oppression on His own self, and He has also declared it forbidden for his servants, as he has said in the Hadeeth Qudsee, "O My servants, indeed I have forbidden oppression upon Myself and I have also made it forbidden amongst yourselves, hence do not oppress each other". And this is general for all of the servants of Allaah, both the Muslims amongst them and the Non-Muslim, and it is not permissible for any one of them to be unjust to another, and nor for him to oppress him, even if it is in the presence of hate and dislike. Allaah, free is He from all imperfections says, "O you who believe. Be of those who stand up to Allaah, as witnesses of justice. And let not the hatred of a people make you swerve away from justice towards them. Verily, be just and that is closer to piety." Hence, even hatred and dislike do not permit the commission of injustice and oppression, from a legislative point of view.

Based upon what has preceded, it is obligatory for all of us to know - both states and societies, Muslims and Non-Muslims, a number of important matters:

1. That these matters that have taken place in the United States and whatever else is of their nature of plane hijackings and taking people hostage or killing innocent people, without a just cause, this is nothing but a manifestation of injustice, oppression and tyranny, which the Islamic Sharee'ah does not sanction or accept, rather it is expressly forbidden and it is amongst the greatest of sins.

2. That the Muslim who learns the details of his religion, and who acts upon the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) does not allow himself to fall into the likes of these actions, due to what they contain of exposing oneself to the wrath of Allaah, and then what results from them of harms and corruption (upon the earth).

3. It is obligatory upon the Scolars of the Muslim Ummah that they explain the truth concerning the likes of these affairs (i.e. terrorist attacks) and that they make clear to the world at large that the Sharee'ah of Allaah and the religion of Islaam does not sanctino these types of actions, ever.

4. It is upon the media outlets and whoever is behind them, from amongst those who make accusations against the Muslims and who strive to revile this noble and upright religion, and describe it with that which it is free from, all in order to kindle tribulation and to harm the reputation of Islaam and the Muslims and to separate the hearts and constrict the chests - it is obligatory upon them to restrain from this misguidance and to realize that every sane and just person knows of the details of Islaam, and knows that it is not possible for him to describe it with these descriptions, and that he cannot make these types of accusations against it, this is because on account of the passing of history, the nations have not known the followers of this religion, and its adherents except to be those who fulfil their rights (due to others) and their absence of injustice and oppression.

And what has preceded is in explanation of the truth and to remove any confusion, and I ask Allaah that he inspires us with that which contains our guidance, that he guides us to the ways of Islaam, and that He strengthens His religion and makes high His word, indeed He is the Most Kind, the Most Generous, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and all his companions.

The Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, President of the Committee of Senior Scholars and the Center for Knowledge Based Research and Verdicts

'Abdul-Azeez bin Abdullaah bin Muhammad Aal ash-Shaikh


The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia Statement on the recent terrorist bombings in the United States

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia and member of the Council of Senior Scholars, Shaykh Saaleh Al-Lehaydaan affirmed that Islam forbids attacks and aggression upon the innocent just as Islamic law (shari'ah) does not allow the shedding of blood except with just cause according to Islamic guidelines and the shedding of blood is not permitted in general.

His eminence responded to questions of Okaz regarding the explosions that occurred in the United States that took thousands of innocent civilian lives saying that killing is not permitted unless in time of war and to kill innocent people is among the major sins and the most heinous of crimes. He added that what happened in America was one of the most dangerous crimes and that the religion of Islam does not condone it nor is it correct for anyone to approve of it.

The Chief Justice expressed that the Muslims of America should not be feared (or fear) stating "I do not believe that the United States of America would perpetrate an injustice upon those who have not done any wrong towards them nor transgress their rights as that would be illogical". What follows is the text of the interview with Okaz with Shaykh Saleh Al-Lehaydaan:

Q: How do you view, your eminence, what occurred with the attacks in the United States Of America from an Islamic perspective?

A: Allah has made Islam to forbid wrongdoing (thulm) and the Prophet (sallalaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) stated "Ath-thulmu thulumaat yaum al-qiyaamah (Wrong is multiplied on the Day of Resurrection)" And it is related in the authentic hadeeth that Allah stated, "Oh My slaves, I have forbidden wrong and oppression to Myself and I have made it forbidden among you therefore do not do wrong or oppress". Therefore, attacks upon those whom have not attacked you and to kill innocent people who have committed no crime (i.e. against you) is among those things forbidden in Islam because it does not allow the shedding of blood except for a legally justified reason and it is not permissible to shed blood in general. It is something allowed only in the case of war to kill the combatant enemy. As far as attacking, even if it is to kill a perpetrator immediately, is not considered among the righteous deeds nor from the permitted acts. On the contrary it is of the detestable acts because to kill a person who has not perpetrated any crime nor done anything deserving being killed is considered of the major sins and most heinous of crimes.

Accordingly that crimes which occurred in America that we witnessed its aftermath in the photographs taken through one of the media outlets is no doubt among the most dangerous criminal acts which Islam in no way agrees with and it is not permissible for anyone to condone. It is an abomination. The matter in Islam is such that one may not be treated as a criminal unless that person has attacked and therefore there may be reprisals or enmity towards him. As far as going about that in such a way that the result is taking thousands of souls of women and children and those whom are non-combatants and such then it is of the evil of acts.

The Effects of the Explosions

Q: What do you see as the effects of these explosions upon the Muslim in the U.S.A?

A: As far as the Muslims, the U.S. is cited as a land that acts according to the rule of law and if such is the case then that law is what should prevail over the desires of the American people. If then a person obeys the law reasonably and it is the character of that reason based law not to punish anyone for other than the crime they commit, then it is not correct nor should it occur that those who are reasonable will to do any harm towards him - neither the Muslim in America or the non-Muslim Arab or any other nationality or any other religion. It is deeply rooted in those who use intellect and reason that the perpetrator of a crime bears that crime himself. If one perpetrates a crime let not his crime be cause to make others into criminals who have not done so.

I do not expect that that the US nor the Americans will not commit a wrong against who has done no wrong or to attack whom has not attacked them because that is against reason. America and the American people must necessarily be among the most advanced of nations in what it does and what laws it makes for people.

Muslims Rejection of What Occurred

Q: Your eminence, the enemies and detractors of Islam have pointed the harshest allegations towards Arabs and Muslims. How would you comment?

A: In any case the type of people and the masses who do not judge according to reason point to those who have perpetrated no crime and to those who reject the crime. This is not at all reasonable.

This Is No Argument

Q: There are those who commit crimes and attribute themselves to Islam. What is the effect of this?

A: As I stated, the perpetrator of a crime is alone responsible for his crime. If a person commits some thoughtlessness or stupidity and then does a criminal act, even if they are Muslim and even if he prays and fasts, his deed is not an argument for those who wish to wrongly accuse Islam.

Q: What would you like to comment on additionally dear shaykh with regards to the matter of these explosions?

A: That those upon whom this disaster has fallen would reflect and think about the favors that they enjoy such as security, comfort, wealth and power that was considered unequalled. If they would think about this they would find that it was only due to the favors granted by Allah upon them. These favors cannot be compared to this great disaster that has befallen them. Hardships as great as they may be are little in comparison to the favors that Allah has granted to people.


The following is a summarized account of a personal meeting with the honorable Shaykh, Dr. Saaleh ibn Ghaanem As-Sadlaan with regards to questions pertaining to the recent events in the United States and is transmitted with his personal approval.

Q. How are we to give da'wah (take the message of Islam) to our families in the United States or Americans in general now considering events and the implication of Muslim involvement? (Questioner is an American Muslim Convert)

A: The method da'wah to be given after the incident should be the same as the da'wah given previous to it. Nothing changes. You always employ reason and understanding and strategy when calling people to Allah and this does not change.

Q: How are we to approach matters in light of this event however and deal with the images of the Muslims in some areas rejoicing at the carnage and destruction which only inflame and incite the sentiments?

A: It is a mistake that anyone should rejoice at the suffering and loss of innocent lives. There is no doubt that the act of those who committed this deed is a criminal act and that those who planned and coordinated it should be caught and punished. If we were to apprehend them they would be punished (i.e. according to Islamic shariah).

In addition, they face further punishment on the Day of Resurrection because their deed is a crime and against Islam. Even the wanton destruction of buildings is not correct. Their deed is a major sin in Islam and like other sins it deserves punishment and Islam has nothing to do with their sin any more than it has to do with other sins and therefore Islam should not be judged based on the acts of sinners. It is criminal to take the lives of innocent people and terrorize them and destroy their property when they are not at war with you. The manner in which this act was done is not acceptable nor is it condoned in Islam.

(Assuming they are Muslims…) This is the behavior of the Khawaarij whom the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) would come from the loins of the man Dhu Khuwaisirah who said to the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam) "Be just, Oh Muhammad!" He further stated that their recitation of the Qur'aan and their prayers would seem greater than that of his companions yet their recitation would go no further than their throats and that they would go out of Islam as does the arrow through its prey.

Q: Even the killing and destruction at the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US military forces who are mostly military personnel?

A: Even so, they come under the same category. Those people were not combatants against Muslims and they were mostly employees doing their routine jobs.

Q: Now perhaps even those who may have had some sympathy towards the position of the Muslims of Palestine or elsewhere or who were hesitant as well as those who kept any enmity towards Muslims contained, have now been made into open enemies and perhaps staunch ones. This will likely be a major blow against Islamic da'wah there. Do you have any comment?

A: True. In addition to the killing, those who perpetrated this crime bear the responsibility for all of its consequences such as attacks upon Muslims and losses of their property, any harm that comes upon them, and for the blocking of da'wah if such is a result of this event.

Q: So is it right to be happy over the events as we see among some Muslims?

A: No, this is the attitude of the khawaarij. Happiness with regards to the loss of prestige of the disbelievers or to learn that they are not all-powerful and that they understand the sufferings of others may be one thing, but not in this manner nor for the loss of innocent lives. The act is unjustifiable and wrongdoing that cannot be condoned.

The Americans should however be conscious that this may be the effect of wrong and unfair foreign policies. The imbalanced support of oppressive regimes and the like such as the Israelis. This is the case in many instances such as their arming of the Israelis such that they even possess nuclear capabilities which threaten all around them, while other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Syria and others have no such weapons. The same unfairness or imbalance applies to its policies and actions that have affected the lives of people in many other parts of the world. For example their pulling out of the recent conference on racism just because of objections regarding Israel. Of course there are other examples.

Finally I would like to say that this deed perpetrated by (possibly) some Muslims against the kuffaar, their properties and symbols should not be attributed to Islam any more than the deeds of any American that are against the law can be attributed to the law since the law does not condone it. These are personal behaviors that cannot be attributed to Islam any more than infringements of the law and other crimes can be attributed to the law.

Q: In the current atmosphere of hysteria or anti-Muslim sentiment where Muslims are exposed to possible harassment or violence is it permissible for a woman who wears hijaab, covering the face or not, to uncover her face or to take it off her khimar (headscarf) if she must go out for some real necessity and perhaps after she arrives safely at her destination she puts it back on or is she sinful to do so?

A: It is permissible and she is not sinful due to the actual fitnah (trial) or harm that may befall her at this time. However in normal circumstances, such as before this incident, we witnessed ourselves there, women who wore hijaab, covered their faces who go to schools, universities, work etc. and there was no real opposition or obstacle to that. In other countries there was real opposition to hijaab …

As far as America, there exists a measure of freedom of religion and religious practices. However in light of this incident there may be some problems perhaps temporarily. I have already heard of some lessening of (anti-Muslim) incidents. It is a large country and its president has already warned against this behavior in strong terms. In truth it would create a major problem for America to have its multi-religious population at odds with each other. There is nothing more dangerous than sectarian clashes. There are too many religions there and they would be much harm to allow this type of behavior to go on. For the door to be opened to sectarian clashes would be worse than war, with Christian against Muslim and Muslims against Christian and spilling over into racial clashes with white against black and so on which would be hard on America.